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นักวิจัย : อภิชัย พันธเสน , Apichai Panthasan , สมชาย สุขสิริเสรีกุล , อรสา โฆวินทะ , ชิต เพชรพิเชฐเชียร , สงวนสิน รัตนเลิศ
คำค้น : Health Status Indicators , Organization and Administration -- Health Personel , Management -- Financial Management, Hospital , การบริหารสาธารณสุข , ดัชนีวัดผลงาน , การคำนวณงบประมาณ , โรงพยาบาลของรัฐ , องค์การมหาชน , การบริหารการเงิน , การบริหารบุคลากร , โรงพยาบาลชุมชนบ้านแพ้ว , โรงพยาบาลหาดใหญ่ , โรงพยาบาลสงขลานครินทร์
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Performance Indicators and Budgeting for State Hospitals as Public OrganisationsThis study was to establish recommendations for transforming Thailand’s public hospitals into more autonomised hospitals. The recommendations were derived from process of participation by related stake holders e.g. a number of hospital directors and academics. Budgeting system was regarded as a crucial component necessary for changes to be based on outputs and outcomes instead of inputs as currently performed. Performance indicators should be developed and jointly agreed between health financing authority and the transformed hospitals so as to promote the outputs-based budgeting system. The study proposed 6 categories that performance indicators should be in line with. There were health prevention and prevention, the disadvantaged’s accessibility to services, care quality, efficiency of hospital internal administration, human resource training and research development, and quality of reception services. The block granting system was considered as an alternative financial allocation to such hospitals and all hospital staff would ultimately resign from being the government officials to be the hospital employees. Nevertheless, resistance to this change could occur. To cope with that, their remuneration should be heightened to compensate their loss of benefits incurred from being the public servants and be at certain levels which would be attractive enough to keep them working for the hospitals.


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