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คำค้น : Management Information Systems -- Accident, traffic , Information storage and retrieval -- Accident, Traffic , Nongkhai province , ระบบข้อมูลข่าวสารด้านอุบัติเหตุจราจร , ระบาดวิทยา , อุบัติเหตุจราจร , หนองคาย
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Nongkhai accident information system development for planning the solution : epidemiology of traffic accident Nongkhai province 1994-1995All of accident cases attended in the provincial hospital and all community hospitals had been interviewed and recorded in a nearly formatized form since June 1994 until May 1995. The one Year records of 22,918 accident were classified into 12 categories. There were 25,863 injuried cases and 269 fatal cases. 36.6 percent of total accident or 8,388 incidents wre traffic accidents, those included 11,236 injured cases and 193 fatal cases. They were calculated as 43.3 percent of total injured cases (1,597.8 per 100,000 of total provincial population) and 71.7 percent of total dead cases. (24.4 per 100,000 of total population) respectivety. Number of injuies in male was more than in female 27.2 time, most of the cases were in the group of 10-49 years old similarly the number of dead in male was more than in female 4.6 times. The statistic of 61.6 percent of dead cases among the male were commonly in the group aged 10-49 years . Famales died in a high percentage of 79.4 were the group aged below 49 years. Farmers, laborers and students (in school and collages) were the groups of high risk. Most of traffice accidents occurred in the central district (Maung district) and the second high were located in Phonpisai District. The number of injured cases increased with in the duration of December to April and abruptly decreased in the duration of May to September and then gradually increased. The dead incidents were less during June to September, 16.00-19.00 hours of Saturday was the hazarous period while the accidents usually occured. Slippery road, sliding and fall doing of the motorcycles caused the number of accidents increased to 73.9 percent of all traffic accidents, 87.4 percent of the vehicles involing in the accident had no insurance and 90.3 percent of the drivers had no driving license. Among injuried percons and fatal persons (include motercycle and other automobile) there are 4.2, 1.7 percent of driver and 1.7, 1.8 percent of passenger respectively were antiknocked helmet of safety belt (upon kind of vehicle). But smell of consumer alcohol were detactable from 28.8 percent of injured person's breathing. The lesion of injury were comonly found on the extrimities, head and face of the injured cases. The first aids before transfering to the hospital seemed to be very scarce. This study leads to the development of data collecting system and would be useful for accident prevention planning. Moreover, further study should be done to find out for factors affecting the accidents.


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