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ชื่อเรื่อง : ศึกษาการใช้สมุนไพรจากหมอสมุนไพรพื้นบ้าน ในภาคตะวันออกเฉียงเหนือ , Study of using the traditional medicines form herbal healers in Northeastern Thailand
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Study of using the traditional medicines form herbal healers in Northeastern ThailandThe Objective of this study was to identity the general charactistics of herbal healers in northeastern Thailand and the types of herbal which use to treat diseases and signs and symptoms of diseases. The study was designed to be a descriptive survey. The sample consisted of 43 herbal healers with more than 10 years experience form 13 provinces in northeastern Thailand. In depth interviews were used to collect date and was substantiated through observations. It was found that Based on the incomes that the herbal healers made by treating diseases with herbs, the healers were allocated into one of four categories : amateur, semiprofessional, professional, and expert. The herbal healers generate their incomes by selling herbal medicine and by giving treatment. There are four steps to the treatment process : negotiate the price, worship or present compensation, give treatment and receive compensation, and give herbal medicine to prevent recurrence of the disease. The traditional medicine system consists of herbal healer, a patient, a herbal medicine drugstore with a herbal blender or mixture, and a natural herb source. Herbal healers are able to treat 33 types of disease or symptoms using one or mere of 99 active formulas. Herbal healers apply two concepts to the treatment of disease. 1.To stimulate or suppress human physiological response mechanisms such as vomiting, laxative, cathartic concretions in sweat, diuretic and pustules. This concept is based on the belief that these responses are to eliminate toxins or drive out toxins, or aboorb toxins form out of the body. The many conditions that are treated by methods that apply this concept. for example, dog bite (by both a rabid and non-rabid dog) is treated with crouton tiglium Linn's leaf by poultice the wound with it to stimulate the formation of a pustule, If the patient exhibits any signs of rabies then the leaf is also administered orally to induce vomiting. For snake bit trigonostemon sedioides is used to stimulate patient to vomit and lemon juice or fermented rice-water is used to treatment the infected wound. 2.The second concept is the use of herbs to treat the sysptoms and cause of disease. Under this concept the herbal healer has no expectation concerning the physiological response to the herbal medicine. The same as in concept one, but patient has those sign and system they will treat it as complication.There are many symptoms and diseases that herbal herlers treat using this concept for example, herbal medicine code Parm .001 is used to treat CA liver, AIDS, Diabetes Mellitus, hemorrhoids, etc ; the herbal medicine code 3103 is used to treat asthma and a more than three active herb combination is used to treat viral hepatitis, external hemorrhoid, nasal polyps, etc. The fomulas for herbal medicines found in this study can not be used to represent all the herbal remedies found in northeastern Thailand However, the concept used in the treatment of disease by professional and expert herbal healers is consistent through out the region. From the results of this study it is suggested that in order to investigate the traditional use of herbal medicine used by herbal healers in the treatment of disease, the experimenter must utilize the concepts and appropriately balanced mixture used by herbal healers in their tests, especially when administering to animal. Due to the variety of formulas and expertise of herbal healers, it is recommended that the government pemit herbal healers to practice under the supervision of government officers in government health institute, Furthermore, it is recommended that collaboration be carried out in research and development of the traditional medicine system.


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