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การพิสูจน์หาหน้าที่ของ Putative Exo-1,3-? Glucanase Gene ของเชื้อ Pythium insidiosum

หน่วยงาน สำนักงานกองทุนสนับสนุนการวิจัย


ชื่อเรื่อง : การพิสูจน์หาหน้าที่ของ Putative Exo-1,3-? Glucanase Gene ของเชื้อ Pythium insidiosum
นักวิจัย : ธีรพงษ์ กระแจะจันทร์
คำค้น : Glucanase Gene , Pythium insidiosum
หน่วยงาน : สำนักงานกองทุนสนับสนุนการวิจัย
ผู้ร่วมงาน : -
ปีพิมพ์ : 2557
อ้างอิง : http://elibrary.trf.or.th/project_content.asp?PJID=RMU5380047 , http://research.trf.or.th/node/8731
ที่มา : -
ความเชี่ยวชาญ : -
ความสัมพันธ์ : -
ขอบเขตของเนื้อหา : -
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Pythium insidiosum is the etiologic agent of pythiosis, an emerging and fatal infectious disease of humans and animals living in tropic and subtropic countries. P. insidiosum exists in two stages: branching hyphae and biflagellate zoospore. Although morphology of P. insidiosum resembles to fungi, but it is closely related to diatom and algae. Human pythiosis is found mostly in Thailand, while the disease state in animals is found worldwide. Thalassemia is a predisposing factor. Healthcare professionals are unfamiliar with the disease. Diagnosis of pythiosis is difficult. Conventional antifungal drugs are ineffective, leaving radical surgery of infected organ is the main treatment option for pythiosis. It is apparent that more needs to be done in the way of basic research to provide insights into P. insidiosum’s biology and pathogenesis, and thereby lead to the discovery of novel strategies for pathogen and infection control. Recently, we have identified a 74-kDa immunoreactive protein of P. insidiosum. Proteomic and genetic analyses revealed a partial P. insidiosum exo-1,3-ß-glucanase gene (PinsEXO1) sequence that encodes this immunogen. In pathogenic fungi, glucanases have roles in morphogenesis, pathogenesis, and host immune responses. Role of the gucanase in P. insidiosum is unknown. PinsEXO1 might have functions resembled to fungal glucanases, and could be a potential virulence factor, diagnostic target, and vaccine candidate. In this project, we aims to characterize PinsEXO1 and apply the gene for clinical uses. Full-length PinsEXO1 (2,229 bp) was successfully identified, using Adaptor and RACE PCR. Sequence analysis showed that PinsEXO1 was phylogenetically different from fungal glucanases. PinsEXO1 was significantly up-regulated when it grew at body temperature, compared to room temperature. Limited carbon source down-regulated PinsEXO1. We showed that PinsEXO1 was an efficient DNA target for specific PCR identification of P. insidiosum. Two B-cell epitopes of PinsEXO1 protein (Peptide-A and B), predicted by bioinformatics analysis, were strongly reactive against sera from pythiosis patients, but not control sera tested. Western blot analysis of hyphal and culture filtrate antigens, using rabbit anti-Peptide-A/B serum, showed that PinsEXO1 was not secreted. Immunostaining suggested that PinsEXO1 localized at cell wall. By comparing the two peptides, Peptide-A was a more suitable epitope for development of an efficient peptide-based ELISA for diagnosis of pythiosis. In conclusion, the glucanase gene, PinsEXO1, of P. insidiosum, was first immunologically and genetically characterized here. Highly-expressed PinsEXO1 at body temperature and surface localization of its protein imply that the gene might have role in host interaction. PinsEXO1 was proven to be useful for molecular and immunological detection of P. insidiosum.

บรรณานุกรม :
ธีรพงษ์ กระแจะจันทร์ . (2557). การพิสูจน์หาหน้าที่ของ Putative Exo-1,3-? Glucanase Gene ของเชื้อ Pythium insidiosum.
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