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This research aimsto compare the blood pressure. mean of glyceted hemoglobin, maximum Keywords : Diabetes, Exercise ,Cardie elocrty 02 consumption (V02 - dmm), respimtoryfitness,Pedometer BMI, waist circumference and Blood pressure before and after entering the program. This study was a quasi-experimental designed. Fifty-six participants age 35-59 years had fasting glucose between 100-125 mg %, were assigned to intervention group and to a control group (no changes in lifestyles). All participants in the intervention group were informed to provide knowledge about diabetes 4-time group session based on diabetes, lifestyle modification and skill traininq and 40 supervised pedometer exercise sessions, minimum 30 minutes of daily brisk walking on 5 days of the week. Anthropometric, body mass index, blood pressure, blood glucose level, and maximal oxygen estimation were measured at baseline and post test. Results .After 12 weeks, there were siynificantly improved in V02 max (p < 0.001), fasting blood sugar (pc 0.001); qlycated hemoylobin (p < 0.001) when compared to the control group. Conclusions. This study suqqested that the motivation strateyy to exercise program can motivate 28 Pre-diabetes participants in 12 weeks of brisk walking ,the result show improvement in

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