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Yang, Chun
หน่วยงาน Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
# พ.ศ. จำนวน
1 2558 1
2 2557 1
3 2556 5
4 2555 7
5 2554 2
6 2553 3
7 2552 2
8 2549 3
9 2548 1
# หัวเรื่อง
ปี พ.ศ. 2558
1 Induced-charge electrokinetics in a conducting nanochannel with broken geometric symmetry : towards a flexible control of ionic transport
ปี พ.ศ. 2557
2 Enhancement of electrophoretic mobility of microparticles near a solid wall-experimental verification
ปี พ.ศ. 2556
3 Dynamic contact angle of water-based titanium oxide nanofluid
4 Visco-elastic traffic flow model
5 Collective effects on thermophoresis of colloids : a microfluidic study within the framework of DLVO theory
6 Electroosmotic flows of non-Newtonian power-law fluids in a cylindrical microchannel
7 Continuous separation of multiple particles by negative and positive dielectrophoresis in a modified H-filter
ปี พ.ศ. 2555
8 A method of producing electrokinetic power through forward osmosis
9 AC-dielectrophoretic characterization and separation of submicron and micron particles using sidewall AgPDMS electrodes
10 Preface to special topic : selected papers from the second conference on advances in microfluidics and nanofluidics and asia-pacific international symposium on lab on chip
11 Electro-osmotic flows in a microchannel with patterned hydrodynamic slip walls
12 Microfluidic bubble generation by acoustic field for mixing enhancement
13 Joule heating induced heat transfer for electroosmotic flow of power-law fluids in a microcapillary
14 Advances in electrokinetics and their applications in micro/nano fluidics
ปี พ.ศ. 2554
15 Capillary filling in nanochannels : modeling, fabrication and experiments
16 Electrokinetically driven concentration of particles and cells by dielectrophoresis with DC-offset AC electric field
ปี พ.ศ. 2553
17 Mass transport in nanochannels
18 Capillary filling in closed end nanochannels
19 Mixing enhancement in microfluidic channel with a constriction under periodic electro-osmotic flow
ปี พ.ศ. 2552
20 Analysis of capillary filling in nanochannels with electroviscous effects
21 Fabrication and experimental characterization of nanochannels
ปี พ.ศ. 2549
22 A method for simultaneously determining the zeta potentials of the channel surface and the tracer particles using microparticle image velocimetry technique
23 A microfluidic sensor for dynamic surface tension measurement
24 Investigation of active interface control of pressure driven two-fluid flow in microchannels
ปี พ.ศ. 2548
25 Interface control of pressure-driven two-fluid flow in microchannels using electroosmosis