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Rasul, Mohammad.
หน่วยงาน Central Queensland University, Australia
# นักวิจัย ร่วมงาน
1 Khan, Mohammad Masud Kamal. 127
2 Hassan, N. M. S. 25
3 Chowdhury, Ashfaque Ahmed. 25
4 School of Engineering and Technology (2013-) 21
5 Brown, Richard J. 17
6 Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Health 17
7 Begum, Sharmina. 12
8 Ahmed, Saber. 12
9 Centre for Plant and Water Science 10
10 Rao, Subaschandar. 9
11 Deev, Alex. 9
12 Haque, Shah. 9
13 Kabir, Mohd. Aslam. 7
14 Ashwath, Nanjappa. 7
15 Alam, Firoz. 6
16 Cole, Colin Robert. 6
17 Uddin, Md. Gyas. 6
18 Chattopadhyay, Gopinath. 6
19 Mahamud, Rasel. 6
20 Rahman, Azad. 5
21 Sharma, Subhash C. 5
22 Rahman, Mohammad. 5
23 Godber, Tony. 5
24 Sun, Yan Quan. 5
25 Spiryagin, Maksym. 5
26 Centre for Process Engineering and Light Metals 4
27 Nouwens, Fons. 4
28 Ghadi, Yazeed Yasin. 4
29 Centre for Environmental Management 4
30 Leinster, Malcolm. 4
31 Sroba, Peter. 4
32 Howie, Alex. 4
33 Leinster, Malcolm G. 3
34 Kabir, Mohammed J. 3
35 Rackemann, D. W. 3
36 Akram, Fatema 3
37 Institute for Resource Industries and Sustainability (IRIS) 3
38 Hashib, M. A. 3
39 McCarthy, Peter. 3
40 Khan, K. H. 2
41 Amir, M Sharif I I 2
42 Naser, Jamal. 2
43 Tanty, Bhanu Shankar. 2
44 Saotayanan, Danai. 2
45 Lawson, Justine. 2
46 Subic, A. J. 2
47 Singh, Darius. 2
48 Hadgraft, R. G. 2
49 Ullah, Ihsan. 2
50 Leski-Taylor, J. 2
51 Duran, J. E. 2
52 Khan, Sadia. 2
53 Reed, Robert (Robert H.) 2
54 Kestell, Colin. 2
55 Van Nunen, Adam. 2
56 Rahman, Md. M. 2
57 Vermeulen, Peter. 2
58 Jahirul, Mohammad I. 2
59 Senadeera, W. 2
60 Faisal, Islam. 2
61 Schrader, J.R. 1
62 Patel, Akash. 1
63 Hansen, M. 1
64 Khan, M. Shah Alam. 1
65 Hooley, Clemont W. 1
66 Shammin, R. 1
67 Ahmed, Shams. 1
68 Alam, Quamrul. 1
69 Brushe, M. 1
70 Jahirul, M. Islam. 1
71 School of Medical and Applied Sciences (2013-) 1
72 Ramzan, Naveed. 1
73 Das, Dilip K. 1
74 Lawrie, Ellis. 1
75 Leyden, T. G. 1
76 Williams, Chris R. 1
77 Brown, J. Richard. 1
78 Gilroy, Tim. 1
79 Khan, M. M. K. 1
80 Islam, Majedul. 1
81 Cork, David. 1
82 Akbarzadeh, Aliakbar. 1
83 School of Business and Law (2013-) 1
84 Widianto, W. 1
85 Alomari, Mohammad H. 1
86 Glasgow, R. 1
87 Manasreh, Adnan. 1
88 Allen, M. J. 1
89 Theos, Tranon. 1
90 Jarman, Rob. 1
91 Sohail, Ahmed. 1
92 Dobson, J. 1
93 Wilkings, Michael. 1
94 Driscoll, Paul. 1
95 Egerton, James. 1
96 Saman, Wasim. 1
97 Martens, Wayde. 1
98 Ibrar, Muhammad. 1
99 Junaid, J. 1
100 Thomas, P. 1
101 Powell, John. 1
102 Masud, M. M. K. 1
103 Templeman, A. J. 1
104 Tappenden , D. M. 1
105 Micenko, Peter. 1
106 Murphy, Adrian. 1
107 Hayden, B. 1
108 Brown, L. S. 1
109 Thomas, Philip. 1
110 Desai, Ajay. 1
111 Mohanty, Brahmanand. 1
112 Rasheed, Tabassum. 1
113 Welsh, Martin. 1
114 Munro, Peter. 1
115 Hare, N. 1
116 Sturgeon, C. J. 1
117 Hasib, M. A. 1
118 Zammit, J. L. 1
119 Brown, J. R. 1
120 Zhou, J. (Jiping) 1
121 Chowdhury, A. A. 1
122 Kabir, Mohammed. 1
123 Warren, Michael. 1
124 Buckett, Cameron. 1
125 Sharma, Raj Hari. 1
126 Sherry, W. J. 1
127 Brown, John. 1
128 Amir, Md Sharif. 1
129 Breffit, S. A. 1
130 Amir, M. Sharif. 1
131 Averina, Anastasia. 1
132 Kaddatz, Kyle. 1
133 Anwar, Mohammad 1
134 Amanullah, M. T. O. 1
135 Swift, Rhiannon 1
136 Kabir, M. A. 1
137 Watkins, Simon. 1
138 Martin, Fae 1
139 Harrower, Keith, 1948-2010. 1
# พ.ศ. จำนวน
1 2558 1
2 2557 8
3 2556 34
4 2555 40
5 2554 26
6 2553 27
7 2552 17
8 2551 25
9 2550 22
10 2549 13
11 2548 5
12 2547 3
13 2546 3
14 2545 4
# หัวเรื่อง
ปี พ.ศ. 2558
1 Prospect of biofuels as an alternative transport fuel in Australia
ปี พ.ศ. 2557
2 Development of effective performance measures for wayside rail curve lubrication in heavy haul lines
3 An experimental and numerical investigation of fluidized bed gasification of solid waste
4 Recent developments of advanced fuzzy logic controllers used in smart buildings in subtropical climate
5 Stormwater pond design for Rockhampton (Queensland) golf course premises
6 An overview of solar cooling technologies markets development and its managerial aspects
7 Potential of saving energy using advanced fuzzy logic controllers in smart buildings in subtropical climates in Australia
8 Prospective use of antioxidants in 2nd generation biodiesel for diesel engines in Australia
9 Utilization of polymer wastes as transport fuel resources: a recent development
ปี พ.ศ. 2556
10 Assessment of solar assisted air conditioning in Central Queensland's subtropical climate, Australia
11 Energy recovery opportunities from mineral carbonation process in coal fired power plant
12 Optimisation of bio-oil extraction process from beauty leaf (Calophyllum inophyllum) oil seed as a second generation biodiesel source
13 Alternative fuels for use in cement kilns : process impact modelling
14 Temperature monitoring and CFD analysis of data centre
15 Hybrid Locomotive Applications for an Australian Heavy Haul Train on A Typical Track Route
16 Comparison study of solar cooling technologies for an institutional building in subtropical Queensland, Australia
17 Assessing final year engineering projects
18 Conceptual designs of hybrid locomotives for application as heavy haul trains on typical track lines
19 An overview of solar assisted air conditioning in Queensland's subtropical regions, Australia
20 Performance analysis of an integrated fixed bed gasifier model for different biomass feedstocks
21 Thermal Power Plants
22 Optimisation of bio oil extraction process from Beauty Leaf (Calophyllum Inophyllum) oil seeds as a second generation biodiesel source
23 Impact of alternative fuels on the cement manufacturing plant performance an overview /
24 General sustainability indicator of renewable energy system based on grey relational analysis
25 Train motive power technologies : a review on existing and emerging (hybrid) technologies
26 Numerical Modelling for the Extreme Flood Event in the Fitzroy Basin, Queensland, Australia
27 Tidal river sediment management–A Case Study in Southwestern Bangladesh a case study in southwestern Bangladesh /
28 A Pilot Study on Postgraduate Supervision
29 Automatic Multi-Objective Calibration of a Rainfall Runoff Model for the Fitzroy Basin, Queensland, Australia
30 Thermal performance analysis of earth pipe cooling system for subtropical climate
31 Experimental assessment of a solar desiccant cooling system for an institutional building in subtropical Queensland, Australia
32 Gasification of coffee bean husks : analysis and model development for energy generation using ASPEN Plus simulation software
33 Feasibility of a solar thermal power plant in Pakistan
34 Thermal performance analysis of rooftop greenery system in subtropical climate of Australia
35 Educational purposes of final year engineering projects and their assessment
36 Cement calciner model development for optimizing the usage of alternative fuels
37 Modelling and experimental studies of municipal green waste pyrolysis
38 Development and assessment of the final year engineering projects a review /
39 Exergy analysis and efficiency improvement of a coal fired thermal power plant in Queensland
40 Economy of smart grid
41 An overview of solar thermal desalination technologies
42 Optimisation of Biofuel Production from Municipal Green Waste (MGW) Pyrolysis using ASPEN plus Simulation Model
43 Solar air conditioning for an institutional building in subtropical climate
ปี พ.ศ. 2555
44 Thin-film fixed-bed reactor (TFFBR) for solar photocatalytic inactivation of aquaculture pathogen Aeromonas hydrophila
45 Sustainability indicator of renewable energy system based on fuzzy multi-criteria decision making methods
46 Feasibility study of solar desiccant cooling for an institutional building in subtropical Queensland, Australia
47 Economical and environmental performance of solar desiccant cooling system in subtropical Australia
48 Solar desiccant cooling and indoor air quality for institutional building in subtropical climate (review)
49 Modelling of grease transport mechanism in wayside rail lubrication and impact of related parameters
50 Energy storage system analysis for heavy haul hybrid locomotives
51 Rail temperature prediction model
52 Industrial waste as alternative fuel in cement industry : its impact on environment
53 Energy usage analysis for Australian heavy haul trains on typical track routes
54 Analysis of solar desiccant cooling system for an institutional building in subtropical Queensland, Australia
55 Bubble rise phenomena in non-newtonian crystal suspensions
56 An Investigation on Thermo Chemical Conversions of Solid Waste for Energy Recovery
57 Impact of alternative fuels on the cement manufacturing plant performance : an overview
58 Biofuels production through biomass pyrolysis : a technological review
59 Techno-economic simulation and optimization of residential grid-connected PV system for the Queensland climate
60 Sustainability indicator of renewable energy system based on fuzzy multi-criteria decision making methods
61 Identification of an appropriate alternative waste technology for energy recovery from waste through multi-criteria analysis
62 Green roof for storm water management: a review
63 Thermal Performance Modelling Of Data Centre
64 Environmental impacts of green wastes to energy conversion through pyrolysis process : an overview
65 Assessment of Final Year Engineering Projects:
66 Developments in Engineering Education Standards: Advanced Curriculum Innovations
67 Review of the nexus between urban and regional planning and engineering education
68 Reverse flow phenomena of a polyacrylamide solution in a channel with an obstacle at the entry influence of obstruction geometry /
69 Rainfall, temperature and evaporation trends in the Fitzroy Basin, Queensland, Australia
70 Fuzzy logic based environmental indicator for sustainability assessment of renewable energy system using life cycle assessment
71 A review on green wastes pyrolysis for energy recovery
72 Automatic Delineation of Drainage Networks and Catchments using DEM data and GIS Capabilities
73 A Comparative View of Groundwater Flow Simulation Using Two Modelling Software - MODFLOW and MIKE SHE
74 Synergetic integration of chemical absorption CO2 capture with a coal power plant
75 A review of downscaling and 1-D/2-D hydraulic model for flood studies
76 Impacts of climate change on solar PV power system:
77 Simulation and Optimization of Residential Grid-Connected PV System in Queensland, Australia
78 Analysis and Comparison of Engine Performance and Exhaust Emissions of Internal Combustion Engine for Three Different Fuel Efficiency Devices
79 Recent developments in biomass pyrolysis for bio-fuel production: Its potential for commercial applications
80 Thin-film fixed-bed reactor for solar photocatalytic inactivation of Aeromonas hydrophila influence of water quality /
81 Review of CO2 Capture Technologies for Power Plant Application
82 Identifying opportunities for synergetic integration of co2 capture with a coal power plant
ปี พ.ศ. 2554
84 Recent developments in photocatalytic degradation of pesticides and phenols in storm and wastewater effluent
85 Advances in heterogeneous photocatalytic degradation of phenols and dyes in wastewater : a review
86 Development of economic model for analyzing lubrication effectiveness in heavy haul lines
87 An experimental and computational investigation of performance of the Green Gully for reusing stormwater
88 Feasibility of thermal energy storage systems in an institutional building in subtropical climates in Australia
89 Analysis and comparison of performance and emissions of an internal combustion engine fuelled with petroleum diesel and different bio-diesels
90 Influence of parameters on the heterogeneous photocatalytic degradation of pesticides and phenolic contaminants in wastewater : a short review
91 Stormwater management : an introduction to Green Gully
92 Comparison of the performance and emissions of different biodiesel blends against petroleum diesel
93 Assessment of energy recovery from carbonation process using mass and energy balance
94 An evaluation of CO2 emission reduction through carbonation technology
95 Review on renewable energy potential in Australian subtropical region (Central and North Queensland)
96 Large eddy simulation of pressure distribution of fluid flow over ridges of circular, parabolic and rectangular shapes
97 Post combustion carbon capture and storage in existing coal power plant : importance and recent development
98 Feasibility study of stand-alone PV-wind-biomass hybrid energy system in Australia
99 CFD simulation of turbulence promoters in a water treatment reactor
100 Computational fluid dynamics modelling of flow in a photocatalytic reactor for wastewater treatment
101 A review on alternative waste treatment technology for energy recovery in Australia
102 Guidelines for assessing and developing final year engineering projects
103 Friction management best practices for Australian heavy haul lines
104 Community engagement in engineering education
105 Flow field investigation in a water treatment reactor using computational fluid dynamics
106 Application of project based learning in advanced dynamics
107 Rooftop greenery systems in subtropical climates for environmental sustainability : a review
108 Numerical simulation of flow in a photocatalytic reactor containing baffles
109 An innovative delivery and assessment of thermofluid engineering : a PBL course in undergraduate engineering program
ปี พ.ศ. 2553
110 Wayside lubricator placement model for heavy haul lines in Australia
111 A review on recent developments in rail temperature prediction for use in buckling studies
112 A modelling and experimental study of the bubble trajectory in a non-Newtonian crystal suspension
113 Bubble rise velocity and trajectory in xanthan gum crystal suspension
114 AHP and fuzzy assessment based sustainability indicator for hybrid renewable energy system
115 Carbon di oxide (CO2) emissions : an overview of the possible technologies for reducing CO2 emissions in power plants
116 Radiation prediction and comparision for engineering applications
117 Economic and environmental modeling of a photovoltaic-wind-grid hybrid power system in hot arid Australia
118 A review on boiler deposition/foulage prevention and removal techniques for power plant
119 A review on the role of operating parameters in heterogeneous photo catalytic water purification processes for storm and wastewater reuse
120 Fine particulate emission control by optimizing process parameters of an electrostatic precipitator
121 Hose water system modelling and analysis of an alumina refinery
122 Analysis of building systems performance through integrated computation fluid dynamics technique
123 Performance of nanofiltration membrane in a vibrating module (VSEP-NF) for arsenic removal
124 Review on solar assisted air conditioning for hospitals isolation units
125 Implementing renewable energy for HVAC systems in entertainment and exhibition centres
126 Energy resource quality assessment of PV/wind hybrid renewable energy system
127 Environmental and economic analysis for grid-connected hybrid photovoltaic-wind power system in a hot arid environment
128 Modeling of bubble flow distribution in crystal suspended non-Newtonian fluids
129 Computational fluid dynamics analysis of a flat plate photocatalytic reactor for storm and wastewater reuse
130 Energy conservation measures in an institutional building in sub-tropical climate in Australia
131 Heterogeneous photocatalytic degradation of phenols in wastewater : a review on current status and developments
132 Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by mineral carbonation
133 Bio diesel against petroleum diesel : assessment of internal combustion engine performance and emissions
134 Best practice in rail curve lubrication and remote performance monitoring in heavy haul lines
135 Performance analysis of a novel building material to achieve superior thermal comfort and energy efficiency in arid climate
136 Thermodynamic processes and characterisation of dead burned magnesia : a review
ปี พ.ศ. 2552
137 Application of project based study in the learning process
138 An analysis of the indoor air quality and mould growth in a multi-zone building
139 Sustainable solution to the green waste management by thermo-chemical converison processes
140 Integration of project based investigation into an undergraduate fluid mechanics course for research and teaching excellence
141 Design and development of a stand-alone power supply for a small industrial control system
142 Modelling of air bubble rising in water and polymeric solution
143 A sustainable production in sugar industries : study of an improved vacuum pan performance through numerical simulations
144 Sustainable reuse of storm/waste-water resources : a review on solar photocatalytic purification processes
145 Residential house energy rating in Australia
146 Influence of the inlet velocity profiles on the prediction of velocity distribution inside an electrostatic precipitator
147 Flow simulation in an electrostatic precipitator of a thermal power plant
148 Eco-roof system for sustainable communities
149 Good practice guidelines for managing, supervising and assessing final year engineering projects
150 Measurement of instantaneous flow velocities in a concentric reducer using Particle Image Velocimetry : study of scale deposition
151 Reuse of stormwater for watering gardens and plants using Green Gully : a new Stormwater Quality Improvement Device (SQID)
152 Regional sustainabaility : local solutions to global issues : proceedings of Central Region Engineering Conference 2009, 14-15 August, 2009, Rockhampton, Queensland
153 Modelling and analysis of air-cooled reciprocating chiller and demand energy savings using passive cooling
ปี พ.ศ. 2551
154 Management of coal seam gas (CSG) by-product water : a case study on Spring Gully Mine Site in Queensland, Australia
155 Sustainability in building environment : a review and analysis of mould growth in a subtropical climate
156 An experimental and computational study of aerodynamic properties of rugby balls
157 Numerical modelling of reverse flow phenomena in a channel with obstruction geometry at the entry
158 Comparison of the performance and emissions of a petrol engine using a range of unleaded fuels
159 Modelling and simulation of particle trajectory inside an electrostatic precipitator
160 Thermal-comfort analysis and simulation for various low-energy cooling-technologies applied to an office building in a subtropical climate
161 A comparative study of residential household energy consumption in Australia and the USA
162 Energy efficient cooling technologies for achieving sustainability in buildings in subtropical climate
163 A new approach to stormwater treatment and reuse : Green Gully and its performance measurement
164 Stormwater treatment and reuse techniques : a review
165 A comparative review of stormwater treatment and reuse techniques with a new approach : Green Gully
166 Feasibility of hybrid cooling system in a thermal power plant
167 Performance assessment and improvement of an existing air conditioning system of a supermarket : a case study on Bi-Lo supermarket
168 Energy conservation measures in an institutional building by dynamic simulation using DesignBuilder
169 A study of spin effects on tennis ball aerodynamics
170 Design and simulation of a small scale solar powered desalination system
171 A method of noise reduction for the cooling fans used in locomotives
172 Analysis of flow patterns inside the stirred tank used in alumina refinery
173 Techno-economic study of thermal energy storage systems in tropical climate university building
174 Drag co-efficient in a crystal suspension
175 A study of bubble trajectory and drag co-efficient in water and non-Newtonian fluids
176 Air bubble trajectories in polymeric solution and crystal suspension
177 A numerical approach to improve the flow model of an electrostatic precipitator
178 An experimental investigation of bubble rise characteristics in a crystal suspended non-Newtonian fluid
ปี พ.ศ. 2550
179 Hybrid-electric vehicles : design and application of ECSC - an automotive energy savings device
180 Modelling and simulation of thermodynamic processes of vertical shaft kiln in magnesia plant using CFD code fluent
181 Feasibility study of a bi-directional centrifugal pump for DBT class 45 CST gearbox used in underground coal mining operation
182 Numerical simulation of building performance under different low energy cooling technologies
183 Numerical modelling for optimizing flow distribution inside an electrostatic precipitator
184 Characteristics of air bubble rising in low concentration polymer solutions
185 Modelling and simulation of building energy consumption a case study on an institutional building in Central Queensland, Australia /
186 Coal seam methane power generation
187 Flow distribution inside an electrostatic precipitator : effects of uniform and variable porosity of perforated plate
188 Modelling and analysis of blast furnace performance for efficient utilization of energy
189 An analysis of airborne fungal spore concentration in buildings in a subtropical climate
190 Improvement strategies for mine dewatering process
191 Modeling and simulation of thermodynamic processes of vertical shaft kiln used for producing deadburned magnesia
192 Feasibility of grey water reuse for coal dust suppression in a coal-fired power station
193 Outboard engine emissions : modelling and simulation of underwater propeller velocity profile using the CFD code FLUENT
194 An experimental study of bubble rise characteristics in non-Newtonian (power-law) fluids
195 A numerical model of an electrostatic precipitator
196 A comparative study of bubble rise phenomena in water and low concentration polymer solutions
197 Bubble rise velocity and drag co-efficient at high reynolds number in power-law fluids
198 Modelling and simulation of the effects of passive cooling technologies on energy savings for building systems in subtropical climate
199 Coal land transport
200 Simulation of building thermal performance in an institutional building in subtropical climate
ปี พ.ศ. 2549
201 Grey water reclaiming and reuse for coal dust suppression in a power plant
202 Mine dewatering processs improvement strategies on existing system /
203 Assessment of the thermal performance of a coal-fired power plant boiler unit
204 Simulation of fluid velocity distribution inside the condenser waterbox of a power plant
205 Environmental pollution generated from process industries in Bangladesh
206 Solar powered intermittent absorption refrigeration unit
207 Numerical simulation of turbulent flow inside the Electrostatic Precipitator of a power plant
208 Passive cooling control strategies for energy efficency in a subtropical climate air conditioned building
209 Flow of a mixed solution in a channel with obstruction at the entry : experimental and numerical investigation and comparison with other fluids
210 Experimental study of the bubble rise velocity and trajectory in water under pressure and vacuum
211 Buildings energy simulation using energy express a case study on sub-tropical Central Queensland University (CQU) buildings
212 Towards energy efficient building assets review on sub-tropical climate
213 Low energy cooling technologies for sub-tropical/warm humid climate building systems
ปี พ.ศ. 2548
214 Assessment of the thermal performance and energy conservation opportunities of a cement industry in Indonesia
215 Hot acid leaching of Zircon
216 Performance improvement of an internal combustion engine
217 A comparative study of the flow phenomena of water and mixed solution in a channel with obstruction : influence of shapes
218 Blast furnace performance analysis for efficient utilization of energy
ปี พ.ศ. 2547
219 Cooling tower performance analysis to save energy and cost
220 Flow of a low concentration polyacrylamide fluid solution in a channel with a flat plate obstruction at the entry
221 Energy conservation in buildings : cogeneration and cogeneration coupled with thermal-energy storage
ปี พ.ศ. 2546
222 Environmental pollution in process industries : a case study on Bangladesh
223 Mixing and segregation in multi-component liquid fluidized beds
224 Comparison of pressure distribution over ridges in a wind tunnel
ปี พ.ศ. 2545
225 Building energy management : co-generation coupling with thermal energy storage
226 Flow visualisation investigation of water in a channel with flat plate obstruction geometry at the entry
227 Flow of water in a channel with various obstruction geometries at the entry
228 Flow characteristics of low concentration non-Newtonian fluid through a channel with an obstruction at the entry