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Nguyen, Nam-Trung
หน่วยงาน Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
- Nguyen, Nam-Trun
- Nguyen, Nam Trung
# นักวิจัย ร่วมงาน
1 Wong, Teck Neng 33
2 Huang, Xiaoyang 18
3 Kwok, Yien Chian 15
4 Tan, Say-Hwa 14
5 Yap, Yit Fatt 12
6 Chan, Siew Hwa 10
7 Li, Haiwang 10
8 Yobas, Levent 10
9 Song, Chaolong 10
10 Yang, Chun 9
11 Sun, Yi 9
12 Asundi, Anand Krishna 9
13 Che, Zhizhao 8
14 Luong, Trung-Dung 7
15 Lok, Khoi Seng 7
16 Kashaninejad, Navid 7
17 Phan, Vinh-Nguyen 7
18 Chan, Weng Kong 7
19 Liu, Jing 7
20 Wu, Zhigang 6
21 Shaegh, Seyed Ali Mousavi 5
22 Xu, Bin 5
23 Jiao, Zhenjun 5
24 Low, Cassandra Lee-Ngo 5
25 Beyzavi, Ali 5
26 Zhu, Gui-Ping 5
27 Chai, John Chee Kiong 5
28 Lee, Peter Peng Foo 4
29 Abgrall, Patrick 4
30 Murshed, S. M. Sohel 4
31 Kong, Tian Fook 3
32 Ho, Soon-Seng 3
33 Truong, Thai-Quang 3
34 Ranjini, Radhakrishnan 3
35 Matham, Murukeshan Vadakke 3
36 Sivasamy Jayaprakash 3
37 Luo, C. 2
38 Ting, Teck-Hui 2
39 Ng, Kon Meng 2
40 Ong, Wee-Liat 2
41 Wang, Cheng 2
42 Li, Aidan 2
43 Chai, J. C. 2
44 Ooi, Kim Tiow 2
45 Gue, Anne-Marie 2
46 Djeghlaf, Lyes 2
47 Joseph, Pierre 2
48 Kang, Tae Goo 2
49 Bourrier, David 2
50 Ho, Peng Ching 2
51 Chua, Yong Chin 2
52 Loke, Weng Keong 2
53 Tan, Hsih Yin 2
54 Fang, Zhong Ping 1
55 Li, Shiguang 1
56 Lewpiriyawong, Nuttawut 1
57 Srigrarom, Sutthiphong 1
58 Yoon, Soon Fatt 1
59 Lee, Chi Seng 1
60 Adiyodi, Amrutha K. 1
61 Zhang, H. Y. 1
62 Toh, Kok Chuan 1
63 Chuan, Toh Kok 1
64 Zhou, Junlong 1
65 Tan, Yong Teng 1
66 Jiao, Z. J. 1
67 Chim, Yong Cai 1
68 Gao, Yandong 1
69 Seyed Ali Mousavi Shaegh 1
70 Han, Jongyoon 1
71 Seyyed Mohsen Mousavi Ehteshami 1
72 Sposito, Alex 1
73 Shum, Perry Ping 1
74 Mousavi Ehteshami, Seyyed Mohsen 1
75 Siti Zubaidah Abdul Muttalib 1
76 Ang, Yi Zhen 1
77 Chollet, Franck Alexis 1
78 Lassemono, Sumantri 1
79 Zhou, Weijiang 1
80 Wong, Kok-Keong 1
81 Peng, Weng Kung 1
82 Yan, Deguang 1
83 Phan, Dinh-Tuan 1
84 Ranganathan, Nagarajan 1
85 Zhuo, Junlong 1
86 Xia, Zetao 1
87 Lam, Yee-Cheong 1
88 Ng, Min Yuan 1
89 Cheung, Yin Nee 1
90 Teo, Teng-Yuan 1
91 Hua, Jinsong 1
92 Huang, Yuli 1
93 Koh, Wei Hang 1
94 Ramanujan, Raju V. 1
95 Satyanarayan, M.V.D. 1
96 Zhang, Baili 1
97 Kao, Linus Tzu-Hsiang 1
98 Chen, Yong 1
99 Li, Hoi-Yeung 1
100 Ng, S. L. 1
101 Fung, Wai-To 1
102 Chai, Min-Foong 1
103 Sumargo, Agung 1
104 Allouch, Alaa el dine 1
105 Jännig, Oliver 1
106 Sugiarto, Hendrik Santoso 1
107 E, Huan Shin 1
108 Liew, Hwi Fen 1
109 Wang, Xinghua 1
110 Lew, Wen Siang 1
111 Yu, X. 1
# พ.ศ. จำนวน
1 2557 3
2 2556 6
3 2555 20
4 2554 28
5 2553 24
6 2552 19
7 2551 12
8 2550 12
9 2549 10
10 2548 9
11 2547 6
12 2546 2
13 2545 1
# หัวเรื่อง
ปี พ.ศ. 2557
1 Self-triggering regime for synchronized formation of two droplets
2 Conoscopic analysis of electric field driven planar aligned nematic liquid crystal
3 Low-frequency acoustic atomization with oscillatory flow around micropillars in a microfluidic device
ปี พ.ศ. 2556
4 The three-phase contact line shape and eccentricity effect of anisotropic wetting on hydrophobic surfaces
5 A digital micro magnetofluidic platform for lab-on-a-chip applications
6 A polymeric cell stretching device for real-time imaging with optical microscopy
7 The three-phase contact line shape and eccentricity effect of anisotropic wetting on hydrophobic surfaces
8 Numerical study of thermocoalescence of microdroplets in a microfluidic chamber
9 Analytical modeling of slip flow in parallel-plate microchannels
ปี พ.ศ. 2555
10 Nested PCR in magnetically actuated circular closed-loop PCR microchip system
11 Adhesive-based liquid metal radio-frequency microcoil for magnetic resonance relaxometry measurement
12 Temperature-induced droplet coalescence in microchannels
13 Numerical modeling of tunable optofluidics lens based on combined effect of hydrodynamics and electroosmosis
14 Eccentricity effect of micropatterned surface on contact angle
15 Ferrofluid plug as valve and actuator for whole-cell PCR on chip
16 Rapid determination of vitamin B12 concentration with a chemiluminescence lab on a chip
17 Double spiral detection channel for on-chip chemiluminescence detection
18 An electrokinetically tunable optofluidic bi-concave lens
19 A membraneless hydrogen peroxide fuel cell using Prussian Blue as cathode material
20 Thermocoalescence of microdroplets in a microfluidic chamber
21 Instability of pressure driven viscous fluid streams in a microchannel under a normal electric field
22 Analytical and numerical investigations of the effects of microchannel aspect ratio on velocity profile and friction factor
23 Eccentricity effects of microhole arrays on drag reduction efficiency of microchannels with a hydrophobic wall
24 Editorial
25 Air-breathing microfluidic fuel cell with fuel reservoir
26 A membraneless hydrogen peroxide fuel cell using Prussian Blue as cathode material
27 Magnetofluidic spreading in microchannels
28 Special issue on magnetic-based microfluidics
29 Rapid magnetofluidic mixing in a uniform magnetic field
ปี พ.ศ. 2554
30 Air-breathing membraneless laminar flow-based fuel cell with flow-through anode
31 Sample loading and retrieval by centrifugation in a closed-loop PCR microchip
32 Micro magnetofluidics : interactions between magnetism and fluid flow on the microscale
33 Formation and breakup of compound pendant drops at the tip of a capillary and its effect on upstream velocity fluctuations
34 Semi-analytical model of mixed electroosmotic/pressure driven two immiscible fluids with curved interface
35 Analysis of chaotic mixing in plugs moving in meandering microchannels
36 Nonlinear deformation of a ferrofluid droplet in a uniform magnetic field
37 Generation and manipulation of monodispersed ferrofluid emulsions : the effect of a uniform magnetic field in flow-focusing and T-junction configurations
38 Droplet coalescence in microfluidic systems
39 Passive micromixer for luminol-peroxide chemiluminescence detection
40 Tunable optofluidic aperture configured by a liquid-core/liquid-cladding structure
41 Analysis on the birefringence property of lyotropic liquid crystals below Krafft temperature
42 Experimental and numerical investigation of thermal chaotic mixing in a T-shaped microchanne
43 Thermally mediated droplet formation at a microfluidic T-junction
44 Numerical and experimental investigations of the formation process of ferrofluid droplets
45 Numerical studies of sessile droplet shape with moving contact lines
46 Numerical study of the formation process of ferrofluid droplets
47 Hydrodynamically mediated breakup of droplets in microchannels
48 Disposable flow cytometer with high efficiency in particle counting and sizing using an optofluidic lens
49 A review on membraneless laminar flow-based fuel cells
50 An investigation on the mechanism of droplet formation in a microfluidic T-junction
51 Microfluidic switch based on combined effect of hydrodynamics and electroosmosis
52 Investigation of thermal flow sensor based on laser induced fluorescence technique
53 Capillary filling in nanochannels : modeling, fabrication and experiments
54 Heat transfer enhancement by recirculating flow within liquid plugs in microchannels
55 Laser beam propagation in a flow aligned nematic liquid crystal : analysis on liquid/light interactions
56 Fluid mechanics of flow through rectangular hydrophobic microchannels
57 An analytical model for plug flow in microcapillaries with circular cross section
ปี พ.ศ. 2553
58 A tunable optofluidic lens based on combined effect of hydrodynamics and electroosmosis
59 An efficient microfluidic sorter : implementation of double meandering micro striplines for magnetic particles switching
60 Multi-functional, optofluidic, in-plane, bi-concave lens : tuning light beam from focused to divergent
61 High-throughput micromixers based on acoustic streaming induced by surface acoustic wave
62 A polymeric high-throughput pressure-driven micromixer using a nanoporous membrane
63 Mass transport in nanochannels
64 Microfluidic on-chip fluorescence-activated interface control system
65 A reliable method for bonding polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) to polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) and its application in micropumps
66 Particle sorting in microfluidic systems
67 Numerical simulation of droplet-based microfluidics
68 Surface acoustic wave driven microfluidics
69 An air-breathing microfluidic formic acid fuel cell with a porous planar anode : experimental and numerical investigations
70 Capillary filling in closed end nanochannels
71 Oxygen plasma treatment for reducing hydrophobicity of a sealed polydimethylsiloxane microchannel
72 Magnetowetting and sliding motion of a sessile ferrofluid droplet in the presence of a permanent magnet
73 A simple method for evaluating and predicting chaotic advection in microfluidic slugs
74 Micro-optofluidic lenses : a review
75 A tuneable micro-optofluidic biconvex lens with mathematically predictable focal length
76 Formation and manipulation of ferrofluid droplets at a microfluidic T-junction
77 Tunable micro-optofluidic prism based on liquid-core liquid-cladding configuration
78 Programmable two-dimensional actuation of ferrofluid droplet using planar microcoils
79 Thermal mixing of two miscible fluids in a T-shaped microchannel
80 Reliable addition of reagents into microfluidic droplets
81 An analytical model for a liquid plug moving in curved microchannels
ปี พ.ศ. 2552
82 Biconcave micro-optofluidic lens with low-refractive-index liquids
83 Motion of a droplet through microfluidic ratchets
84 A micro optofluidic lens with short focal length
85 Microfluidic platform for controlling the differentiation of embryoid bodies
86 Enhanced electrophoretic DNA separation in photonic crystal fiber
87 Rapid amplification of genetically modified organisms using a circular ferrofluid-driven PCR microchip
88 Anti-flooding cathode catalyst layer for high performance PEM fuel cell
89 Modelling and optimization of micro optofluidic lenses
90 A stepper micropump for ferrofluid driven microfluidic systems
91 Analysis of capillary filling in nanochannels with electroviscous effects
92 One-dimensional actuation of a ferrofluid droplet by planar microcoils
93 Optical alignment of a cylindrical object
94 Electroosmotic control of width and position of liquid streams in hydrodynamic focusing
95 Analytical model of mixed electroosmotic/pressure driven three immiscible fluids in a rectangular microchannel
96 Thermally mediated control of liquid microdroplets at a bifurcation
97 Time-dependent model of mixed electroosmotic/pressure-driven three immiscible fluids in a rectangular microchannel
98 Measurement of buried undercut structures in microfluidic devices by laser fluorescent confocal microscopy
99 Microdroplet formation of water and nanofluids in heat-induced microfluidic T-junction
100 Fabrication and experimental characterization of nanochannels
ปี พ.ศ. 2551
101 Behavior of microdroplets in diffuser/nozzle structures
102 Modeling and optimization of planar microcoils
103 Thermally controlled droplet formation in flow focusing geometry : formation regimes and effect of nanoparticle suspension
104 High-throughput polymerase chain reaction in parallel circular loops using magnetic actuation
105 Microfluidic rheometer based on hydrodynamic focusing
106 Long path-length axial absorption detection in photonic crystal fiber
107 A lab-on-a-chip for detection of nerve agent sarin in blood
108 Temperature dependence of interfacial properties and viscosity of nanofluids for droplet-based microfluidics
109 Nanofluidic devices and their applications
110 A procedure for the motion of particle-encapsulated droplets in microchannels
111 Scattering and attenuation of surface acoustic waves in droplet actuation
112 Improvement of rectification effects in diffuser/nozzle structures with viscoelastic fluids
ปี พ.ศ. 2550
113 Thermally mediated droplet formation in microchannels
114 Thermocapillary actuation of a water droplet encapsulated in an oil plug
115 A circular ferrofluid driven microchip for rapid polymerase chain reaction
116 Faster and improved microchip electrophoresis using a capillary bundle
117 Generation of shock-free pressure waves in shaped resonators by boundary driving
118 A laser-micromachined polymeric membraneless fuel cell
119 Chaotic motion of microplugs under high-frequency thermocapillary actuation
120 Continuous flow polymerase chain reaction using a hybrid PMMA-PC microchip with improved heat tolerance
121 Experimental and computational analysis of droplet formation in a high-performance flow-focusing geometry
122 Thermocapillary actuation of droplet in a planar microchannel
123 Thermocapillary actuation of liquid plugs using a heater array
124 Kinematics and deformation of ferrofluid droplets under magnetic actuation
ปี พ.ศ. 2549
125 Low-pressure, high-temperature thermal bonding of polymeric microfluidic devices and their applications for electrophoretic separation
126 Thermally mediated breakup of drops in microchannels
127 Manipulation of ferrofluid droplets using planar coils
128 A method for simultaneously determining the zeta potentials of the channel surface and the tracer particles using microparticle image velocimetry technique
129 A microfluidic sensor for dynamic surface tension measurement
130 Modeling, fabrication and characterization of a polymeric micromixer based on sequential segmentation
131 Micromachined polymer electrolyte membrane and direct methanol fuel cells : a review
132 Reciprocating thermocapillary plug motion in an externally heated capillary
133 Investigation of active interface control of pressure driven two-fluid flow in microchannels
134 Modeling and experimental characterization of peak tailing in DNA gel electrophoresis
ปี พ.ศ. 2548
135 Rapid mixing using two-phase hydraulic focusing in microchannels
136 Development of 3-component force-moment balance for low speed water tunnel
137 Effect of resonator dimensions on nonlinear standing waves
138 A novel thermal sensor concept for flow direction and flow velocity
139 Thermocapillary effect of a liquid plug in transient temperature fields
140 Interface control of pressure-driven two-fluid flow in microchannels using electroosmosis
141 An analytical model for mixing based on time-interleaved sequential segmentation
142 Development of a polymeric micro fuel cell containing laser-micromachined flow channels
143 Mixing in microchannels based on hydrodynamic focusing and time-interleaved segmentation : modelling and experiment
ปี พ.ศ. 2547
144 Micro check valves for integration into polymeric microfluidic devices
145 Convective-diffusive transport in parallel lamination micromixers
146 A polymeric microgripper with integrated thermal actuators
147 A polymeric piezoelectric micropump based on lamination technology
148 Hydrodynamic focusing in microchannels under consideration of diffusive dispersion : theories and experiments
149 Nonlinear diffusive mixing in microchannels : theory and experiments
ปี พ.ศ. 2546
150 A fully polymeric micropump with piezoelectric actuator
151 A novel wind sensor concept based on thermal image measurement using a temperature sensor array
ปี พ.ศ. 2545
152 MEMS-micropumps : a review