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Liu, Chunxin
หน่วยงาน สถาบันวิจัยและให้คำปรึกษาแห่ง มหาวิทยาลัยธรรมศาสตร์
# พ.ศ. จำนวน
1 2560 1
2 2559 1
3 2557 3
4 2556 5
5 2555 5
6 2553 2
# หัวเรื่อง
ปี พ.ศ. 2560
1 Magnetic carbon composites with a hierarchical structure for adsorption of tetracycline, prepared from sugarcane bagasse via hydrothermal carbonization coupled with simple heat treatment process
ปี พ.ศ. 2559
2 Cholinesterase inhibitory activity and chemical constituents of Stenochlaena palustris fronds at two different stages of maturity
ปี พ.ศ. 2557
3 H6 influenza viruses pose a potential threat to human health
4 Three essays on power dynamics and group creativity
5 Finite Element Analysis On The Effect Of Solder Joint Geometry For The Reliability Of Ball Grid Array Assembly With Flexible And Rigid PCBS
ปี พ.ศ. 2556
6 To know or not to know, is that the question? Exploring the role and assessment of metacognition in cross-cultural contexts
7 Argon plasma reduced Pt nanocatalysts supported on carbon nanotube for aqueous phase benzyl alcohol oxidation
8 Clean unzipping by steam etching to synthesize graphene nanoribbons
9 The associations of sociocultural attitudes towards appearance with body dissatisfaction and eating behaviors in Hong Kong adolescents
10 Development of Transgenic Minipigs with Expression of Antimorphic Human Cryptochrome 1
ปี พ.ศ. 2555
11 Ultra-thin and flat mica as gate dielectric layers
12 Nanoporous platinum grown on nickel foam by facile plasma reduction with enhanced electro-catalytic performance
13 Formation of monometallic Au and Pd and bimetallic Au–Pd nanoparticles confined in mesopores via Ar glow-discharge plasma reduction and their catalytic applications in aerobic oxidation of benzyl alcohol
14 SPECO : stochastic perturbation based clock tree optimization considering temperature uncertainty
15 The role of oganisational concern for workplace fairness in the choice of a performance management system
ปี พ.ศ. 2553
16 Measurement invariance of Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale between British and Chinese college students
17 In Vitro Anticancer Activity Guided Investigation Of The Phytochemicals Of Typhonium Flagelliforme (Lodd.) Blume (Araceae)