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Foo, Say Wei
หน่วยงาน Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
# พ.ศ. จำนวน
1 2552 2
2 2551 2
3 2550 2
4 2549 6
5 2548 3
6 2547 7
7 2546 9
8 2545 3
9 2544 7
10 2543 6
11 2542 6
12 2540 1
# หัวเรื่อง
ปี พ.ศ. 2552
1 Visual isolated word recognition
2 A simplified viterbi matching algorithm for word partition in visual speech processing
ปี พ.ศ. 2551
3 Audio-watermarking with stereo signals
4 Non-blind audio-watermarking using compression-expansion of signals
ปี พ.ศ. 2550
5 Distraction in GVF-based segmentation
6 Two-channel time-frequency audio watermarking
ปี พ.ศ. 2549
7 Dynamic directional gradient vector flow for snakes
8 Watershed-presegmented snake for boundary detection and tracking of left ventricle in echocardiographic images
9 Markovian level set for echocardiographic image segmentation
10 Markovian level set : a new method for boundary detection from echocardiographic images
11 Recognition of musical instruments
12 Automated endocardial boundary detection using dynamic directional gradient vector flow snakes
ปี พ.ศ. 2548
13 Automatic detection of region of interest and center point of left ventricle using watershed segmentation
14 A blind audio watermarking scheme using peak point extraction
15 Active noise cancellation headset
ปี พ.ศ. 2547
16 Recognition of visual speech elements using adaptively boosted hidden Markov models
17 Echocardiographic image sequence segmentation by multiscale directional snake
18 Directional gradient vector flow for snakes
19 Automated breast masses segmentation in digitized mammograms
20 Boundary detection in echocardiographic images by directional gradient vector flow
21 Recognition of piano notes with the aid of FRM filters
22 Audio watermarking using time frequency compression expansion
ปี พ.ศ. 2546
23 Speech recognition using adaptively boosted classifier
24 A boosted multi-HMM classifier for recognition of visual speech elements
25 Classification of stress in speech using linear and nonlinear features
26 A two-channel training algorithm for hidden Markov model to identify visual speech elements
27 Using 3D deformable template trellis to describe the movement of the lip
28 Cross-speaker viseme mapping using hidden Markov models
29 Modeling continuous visual speech using boosted viseme models
30 Detection of stress and emotion in speech using traditional and FFT based log energy features
31 A bilingual speech recognition system for English and Tamil
ปี พ.ศ. 2545
32 Speaker recognition using adaptively boosted decision tree classifier
33 Transcription of polyphonic signals using fast filter bank
34 A supervised two-channel learning method for hidden Markov model and application on lip reading
ปี พ.ศ. 2544
35 Characterization with embedded synchronization for read–write channels
36 FPGA implementation of digital filters synthesized using the frequency-response masking technique
37 Separation of periodic signals using non-uniform embedding
38 Recovery of speech signal from contaminated input
39 Speech based emotion classification
40 An adaptive audio watermarking system
41 An innovative approach to transcription of polyphonic signals
ปี พ.ศ. 2543
42 Compensation of MR head non-linearities using a saturable transfer function
43 Software risk assessment model
44 Multiple regression models for electronic product success prediction
45 Typical management shortfalls in New Product Development (NPD) and their avoidance
46 Measurement of MR induced nonlinearities using a novel single neuron model
47 Prosody adaptation in text-to-speech synthesis
ปี พ.ศ. 2542
48 An efficient method for parametric yield gradient estimation
49 Hybrid method of tolerance design
50 Computer-aided design of a mass production circuit
51 Recognition of piano notes
52 Musical sound recognition
53 Optimum quantizer design for pre-echo control in a low bit rate audio coding system
ปี พ.ศ. 2540
54 HMM speech recognition with reduced training