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Chen, Z.
หน่วยงาน Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
# พ.ศ. จำนวน
1 2557 1
2 2556 1
3 2553 3
4 2552 4
5 2551 2
6 2550 2
7 2549 4
8 2548 1
9 2547 3
10 2546 1
11 2545 1
# หัวเรื่อง
ปี พ.ศ. 2557
1 Influence of different CH4/N2 ratios on structural and mechanical properties of a-CNx : H film synthesized using plasma focus
ปี พ.ศ. 2556
2 Palladium-coated and bare copper wire study for ultra-fine pitch wire bonding.
ปี พ.ศ. 2553
3 A micromechanism study of thermosonic gold wire bonding on aluminium pad
4 Tribological properties of Cr- and Ti-doped MoS2 composite coatings under different humidity atmosphere.
5 Effect of bonding duration and substrate temperature in copper ball bonding on aluminium pads : a TEM study of interfacial evolution
ปี พ.ศ. 2552
6 Formation and characterization of magnetron sputtered Ta–Si–N–O thin films.
7 The effect of AlOOH boehmite nanorods on mechanical property of hybrid composite coatings.
8 Mechanistic investigations of photo-driven processes over TiO2 by in-situ DRIFTS-MS : Part 1 - platinization and methanol reforming.
9 A re-examination of the mechanism of thermosonic copper ball bonding on aluminium metallization pads
ปี พ.ศ. 2551
10 Effect of chain length on low temperature gold-gold bonding by self assembled monolayers.
11 Pulse electroplating of copper film : a study of process and microstructure
ปี พ.ศ. 2550
12 Critical temperatures in thermocompression gold stud bonding.
13 Self-assembled monolayers for reduced temperature direct metal thermocompression bonding.
ปี พ.ศ. 2549
14 Low temperature physical-chemical vapor deposition of Ti-Si-N-O barrier films
15 Reservoir effect and the role of low current density regions on electromigration lifetimes in copper interconnects
16 Copper diffusion in Ti–Si–N layers formed by inductively coupled plasma implantation
17 Effect of interfacial reaction on the tensile strength of Sn-3.5Ag/Ni-P and Sn-37Pb/Ni-P solder joints
ปี พ.ศ. 2548
18 Formation of Ti-Si-N film using low frequency, high density inductively coupled plasma process
ปี พ.ศ. 2547
19 Electroless copper deposition as a seed layer on TiSiN barrier
20 Barrier property of TiSiN films formed by low frequency, high density inductively coupled plasma process
21 Effect of processing parameters on electroless Cu seed layer properties
ปี พ.ศ. 2546
22 The strength of the silicon die in flip-chip assemblies
ปี พ.ศ. 2545
23 Fracture toughness of Cu-Sn intermetallic thin films